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PS3/Wii VGA kabel

PS3/Wii VGA kabel

Šifra: 9303

Dostupnost: Dostupno

Cijena: 310,00 Kn

Opis proizvoda
PS3/Wii VGA kabel

Popust na količinu:
više od 5 komada - 290 kn

* Separate signal input ports for Wii and PS3
* One RGBHV signal output, 15 pin, can be connected to PC monitor or HDTV
* Red and white stereo signal output with RCA ports
* Green RCA port is a colorless video output port, which is used to adjust the output format of game consoles.
* No need for an extra power supply
* 160cm length VGA cable

* Transfer pictures from the Wii and PS3 console that can be displayed on a PC monitor or HD TV

* The resolution of the pictures is 480P(640*480) when connecting with the Wii game console. The resolution of the pictures is controlled through the game console.

* The resolution of the output pictures is 480P/720P/1080I/1080P when used with the PS3 game console.

* The product will only work properly once the settings are set up properly with the Wii or PS3 game console.

* The frequency of the output pictures is 50/60/75HZ

* Audio output signal port is compatible with speakers and a headphone.

* Power consumption: 150MA-200MA, supplied by game console.

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